Omblee is the future of your neighbourhood. Everybody wants a connected society balanced within the convenience of smart phones. Our private social network lets you keep in touch with your neighbours via intelligent tools like omblee messenger and omblee intecom. Omblee security keeps you and your family members safe while making checking in to your building digitally easy for your guests. It all comes together with online tools for the management committee via the omblee managers portal.

Everything you want is just a click away. Stay connected!
  • Connect with your neighbours and be updated with local news
  • Stay updated with your visitors give them the best digital service
  • 24/7 connection with all members and security staff
  • Stay connected with your area police and more
  • This product is made for your lifestyle
  • Our team will keep updating the system
Security system and security staff app
  • Digital visitors register
  • 24/7 connections with members and other staff
  • Building and members employee management
  • On duty tracker and more
  • Digital intercom system
  • Our team will keep updating features so that your safety is never compromised
Making the management committee's work easy
  • Connect with all members in just one click
  • Manage bills and payments online with reminders and cash flow management
  • Online meeting management
  • Send notices and opinion requests digitally
  • Stay connected with all committee members 24/7
Find out which societies near you are powered by omblee
  • We have 20 societies activated already